25 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Plain Paratha video recipe – Indian Cooking by Bhavna

  1. Looks delicious and easy to make. It was interesting to see how you cook
    the Paratha. I didn’t know they had to puff up or that you need to add oil
    on the pan. I’ve only seen the oil added after they were already cooked.
    Will definitely try this recipe. Thank you!

  2. Hello! ur super! My husband is from Pakistan, living in Russia, I really
    like your recipes! make video how to make the perfect dough for roti! I do
    not have it pulled, not elastic. What is the secret?

  3. Yah, I know, lot of people think it’s talk but for begginers, it’s really
    helpful tips.

  4. looks much delicious.i will try for my kids.they both are fans[ they are
    saying ,a.c ‘s] of you.my better best wishes always

  5. @superveggiedelight what is the difference of this and pitta bread (I think
    I spelt that wrong

  6. Hi Sister, made this parathas…turned out very well n my whole family
    liked it…thanx a lots ..god bless you my sister..:)

  7. Hi Sister, Waiting for this recipe……gonna make this right now…how it
    puffs up so lovely for you?You look sooo divine….God bless you my

  8. Hi Bhavna. Your shows are great. I appreciate all the talk, along with the
    demos. It helps to learn, thru your experience. Keep up the good work.

  9. hey bhavana..can i make roti from this flr? can u show me how can i make
    roti from the same flr.?

  10. Hi Bhavna, all your videos are really interesting since i start to see
    them, but i have a question….what’s the difference between Roti or
    chapati and Paratha???? Last time I made Roti, that was good but i will
    keep it trying to do better like you. Regards.

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