Recent Web designing Trends

Web designing is a new wave of technology, which is continually evolving. People would soon be able to communicate with fridges, televisions, and even with tiny LED screens with a new and upcoming recent web designing technologies. Let’s see what other astonishing things the web technology is about to manifest.

  1. SVG and responsive techniques

The hunt for cross platform techniques and multi platform versions would lead to receptive methodologies, like, Web Fonts, SVG, Icon Fonts Developing, Design with Typography and turning out to be more extensive and on a visual level. We would see the trends like the one which comes up in the following point.

  1. Flat colors and no more skeuomorphism

The major visual development recognized by the participants were minimalism, simplicity, app-style interfaces, design focusing on typography, clear layouts, less skeuomorphic interfaces, less decoration, flat colors, flat style and many more. This actual development towards simplification in design and apparently artistic, visual matters, like, flat colors, reacts to the demands of creating adaptive projects and serving images and flexible elements for retina displays with outstanding performance on 3G connections, however, also to mobiles with inferior provisions from the non western market and to the tool, like, e-Readers.

  1. Technology acoustic

Technology acoustic is certainly the main ideology. In web standards based applications, by having a look at the data graphic below, one could see that the CSS/ HTML/ JavaScript trio is known as the ‘Primordial Soup’. The Restaurants in Manchester website is a good example.

People subsequently have various CSS in its several forms, CSS Effects, custom filters, Preprocessors, 3D Transforms, and technologies, like, SVG or Web Fonts associated to receptive methodologies.

  1. Experimentation and innovation in device sensors and interaction

It would be a time for getting the best of mobile technology and producing new consumer experiences, traveling around device sensors and experimenting extensively with speech-based, touch-enabled-interfaces, etc.

As per the experts, it is stated that soon one would witness an ecosystem of associated and linked services and needs to work hard on incorporating services and user accounts. The web world is entering into the new era of the technical advancements. The above factors just reveal some exciting faces of the same.